The Month of August :: 2014...

What a month! Okay, not really so much in 'real life' but in the blogging life, yes. The beginning of the month saw me heading down to my home town for a long weekend, for my best friend's birthday, but other than that it's been pretty quiet around here, other than work and church. But on the blog? Goodness me. This month has been chock-a-block (means really full), and some days there were ever two posts! I had a mini series, which finished yesterday, on awesome fabrics that I have found recently, some movie reviews, some book reviews, the sad death of Robin Williams was also documented in the form of my fave RW movies. Bonnie turned 20 weeks and I stopped the weekly updates for her. Next week we'll be picking that up again, as she turns 6 months.


Seriously, though. Look at all those posts! There were three giveaways this month (three!). One of them was my blog's birthday, which was last Friday. If you haven't entered that cool gievaway, you can do so here. Doctor Who Season 8 also started this month (ohmygosh), and we had four Ghost Posts: A trip to the snow, rain adventures,  my trip to America and Canada and the black and white tea party.

Inter mingled with all these posts were the usual Sunday Songs, and also the blog had a makeover this month! Quick reminder that all the above images are clickable; have a look back through the month, especially you newbies (welcome!) and see what we got up to on From L&P to English Tea in August.

September looks fairly tame. We're going to see Cirque Du Soleil: Totem on the 27th which I am so freaken excited about! It's been on my bucket list for ages now! We also have a mini trip planned (just a few days) to another city in NZ, and I hope to catch up with some friends that I haven't seen in a while too. Books will be read, shows and movies will be watched, things will be made, posts will be written! Bring on September!

How was your August? Can you believe the 8th month of the year is already over?! 


The Fabric Series :: 8 Awesome Misc Fabrics...

And we come to the end of a lovely 5-part series on awesome fabrics. Today's final post in the series is a bunch of awesome fabrics that didn't really fit into a category when I put these all together. But they are neato burito all the same, and yes, I want all of these ones too. Especially the pineapple one. I know that pineapples are big thing at the moment, but can I just say that I loved pineapple before it was cool? I've always loved eating pineapple, and pineapple juice and all things pineapple, and then my love of pineapples was simply amplified a whole bunch with the release of Psych season 1 in 2006. So, world, You.Are.Behind on the pineapple front. Get it together.

1. Hot Summer Pineapple Ocean Blue | Spoonflower // 2. Emily's Flower Yellow on Magenta | Spoonflower
3. Realistic Food Cotton Fabric Peppers | Etsy // 4. Monsieur Fancypantaloon's Instant Library | Spoonflower
5. Yummy Turquoise Moustaches | Spoonflower // 6. London Icon Bus Taxi and Telephone Booth | Spoonflower
7. Sweet House and Lovely Tree | Etsy // 8. Whatever the Weather | Spoonflower

Number 2, while it's hard to see, is actually covered in little yellow flowers. Super cute. And those London icons (#6) makes me London-sick (like home sick...but not).

But yes, that pineapple fabric...just brilliant. And those books (#4)!! And I love love love (well, all of these but...) the umbrellas and bicycles one (#8). So cute!

Well that concludes this series. What did you guys think? Enjoy it? Want to see more series like these? Do let me know!

What's your favourite fabric from today's post? 
What's been your favourite post of the series? 

All the Fabric Series posts: 


Sunday Song...

Today's Sunday Song is a relatively new one. Last week I shared with you Taylor Swift's new song (though I'm sure you'd all heard it about a thousand times before), and today I'm sharing another song you would have heard on the radio these past few weeks, no doubt. But it's another great song, and I love these guys. Enjoy!

Superheroes, by The Script

Such a good song. Can't wait till the release of their album, No Sound Without Silence. I believe it comes out in a few weeks. The 12th of September? Does that sound right? Anyway, soon! Can't wait! Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you're enjoying your weekend.

Reminder about my blogoversary give-away that's up and running at moment! Check it out here. 

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