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Quote: this heart of mine was made to travel this world
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Sarah from Sarah Sees the World did this awesome tag post, joining with Tea Was Here, in a travel version of Would You Rather. We all love Would You Rather, right? And then throw travel in there too? Ah yes please! So I thought I'd jump on this band wagon and answer the Would You Rather questions.

Q: Have a $10,000 budget for a holiday and you can either fly first class for $ 5,000 and stay in mediocre accommodation. Or spend $1,000 on economy and stay in luxury accommodation?
We're only at the beginning and it's a hard one. I've never flown first class before, even though I've been flying all my life, and it's on my bucket list. So I think I'd have to go with that one. I'm fine with mediocre accommodation, and have stayed in a pretty fancy hotel before.

Q: An all expenses paid trip to a small town in New Zealand with your best friends or an all expenses paid trip to your dream destination with your frenemy?
Easy. Sorry friends, but frenemies (thought I don't actually think I have any) and Africa it would have to be. Funny that this is a question though - my best friend is going to Africa in July ... and leaving me behind. Thanks, L. I'll just take my frenemy next time.

Q: Never take the train or never take an aeroplane again?
Well, if I were confined to train travel only, I couldn't even leave the North Island. I'm fine never getting on a train ever again.

Q: Spend a full day with a thief or with a beggar?
I think a beggar. I would want to know their story, why they were begging.

Q: You have won a prize. The prize has two options, and you can choose either (but not both). The first option is a year in USA with a monthly stipend of 1,000. The second option is ten minutes on the moon. Which option do you select?
As much as I love space (seriously, how pretty are stars), I've always wanted to spend a decent amount of time in the USA, so I can road trip, and go to all the places. Besides, a year in a country can open up other opportunities to stay longer, or to visit other countries. The moon...? Not so much.

Q: Wake up without your wallet or wake up without your passport and phone?
Wallet. I can cancel cards with the phone I still have, and I had probably spent all my cash already anyway. Also...internet banking, which means I can buy a plane ticket and leave with my passport.

Q: Be left behind in the bush on an African safari or Be left behind in the water on a scuba trip?
I feel like both and either would even up with the same result: Me dying. I can't decide if being mauled by a lion or drowning would be worse. Probably mauled by a lion...And I assume I would have some oxygen in my tank, if I were scuba diving. Which gives me extra time? But that would be heavy...and pull me down. Oh heck. I don't know.

Q: Lose your luggage but land on time OR land 12 hours late with your luggage intact?
12 hours late. 12 hours means more time to read. Also, I feel like that's a better story than possibly never seeing your bag again.

Q: Bike across the US from New York City to San Francisco, or bike across China from Beijing to Tibet?
Which is not as far? I've been to both countries, and I do want to road trip across America. But by car. Which is less hilly?

Q: Be stuck on a desert island with Ed Sheeran or Taylor Swift? 
Taylor, obviously.

Q: Be able to teleport to places you’ve already been or only be able to teleport to places you’ve never been before?
Never been. That way, if I want to go to London, say, I can teleport to a suburb or house or street that I haven't been to in or near London, and then get the bus. Yeah?

Q: Be stuck on a seven-hour delay, or Turn up at the airport and realise your flight is tomorrow?
Seven hour delay, I think. Time to get out and have another few hours sight seeing, or sleeping in the airport, without having to book another night at a hotel or hostel. Also, I love airports. Wouldn't be phased by this.

Such fun! What about you? What would you pick? Remember to check out Sarah's post here, and the original post at Tea Was Here. 


Free Printable :: All at Once

Last month I started a new thing: free printables! Heck yes! I love free things, and I love quotes, and I love things that I can stick on my wall. And in today's case, I also love John Green's books. Especially, like a lot of people out there in the world, The Fault in Our Stars. Which brings us to the freebie. You can download it below (it will take you to the Google Drive file, where you can save it and then print and do with it what you will).

I fell in love the way you fall asleep: slowly, and then all at once. John Green. Free quote printable.


The Need for {DIY} Speed :: Nail Polish Key Necklace

This DIY has been done a lot over the coarse of many years now, and you can find it all over the internet. However, people usually paint their keys and then continue to use them. I myself have done this and always enjoy opening my front door because I have a colourful key. A little while ago I was given a bag of old keys who had been separated from their locks and wanted a home. I wondered for a while what to do with them, and they sat in a box until the other than when I found them again. And this is what happened.

All you need for this DIY is an old key, either chain or an old necklace which you can use the chain from, and your choice of nail polish.

I suggest lying the key on something like a plastic bag, or a clear pocket, so you can leave it to dry, but ensure that it won't stick to the surface. Simple paint your key with your nail polish, making sure you paint the tiny edges of the key. After you've painted one side, leave it to dry. If you have fast-drying polish, you won't have to wait too long. Flip it over when it's dry and paint the other side. If you find that one coat isn't enough, give both sides another paint.

When it's completely dry (shouldn't take too long), loop the chain through and boom. Nail polish key necklace.

It's that easy, and it barely takes any time.

Tried this out? Tag me on Instagram (@anjalikay) or on Twitter (@Anjali_Kay), so I can see. Or use the hashtag #NeedForDIYSpeed.

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