The Month of June 2015...

I think it's safe to say we're officially half way through the year, and I can scarcely believe it. I think it's weird because in 6 (no doubt short) months it will be 2 years since coming home from England...and that's almost scary. I know that my time in Europe was short, only 2 years, but it really was the best time ever, and I think it's just a little bit odd thinking that every day takes me one step farther away from that time. It's time to go back, right? Right. I would go back in a heart beat...except that I can't because of visa issues, and I would either need to a) only go back for the three month holiday period, b) have a job already ready for me and who were willing to sponsor me or c) marry an Englishman. None of those things look very likely at this stage...so I will try and forget about it (ha! Fat chance...) and move on...with July! What!

So June was a good month on the blog - although I'm pretty sure I say that every single month - and lots was happening. I also had a few things on in 'real life', including heading to Brunch Club, which we had at Jack Tar this month, and I had a big sewing project on, too, which I just finished this week. I hung out a lot with my friend and her new baby - who is adorable - getting her tips and advice for previously mentioned sewing project, and also semi planning my sister's 21st party. I say 'semi' because I've only really just began thinking about it this week and it's on Saturday. Yes, I work best under pressure, so Friday and Saturday will be when all these things come together...or not, as it might possibly be. We'll wing it. It'll be fine.

Sarah from Sarah Sees the World was June's sponsor (*waves at Sarah*) and you can read her Introduction post here, and also a Interview-style post here. Make sure you head on over to her blog and say hello! I also had the lovely Katie from KatieBell.Me guest posting, which was so awesome!

This month I didn't read many books at all. I should only really count it as 2 books (see list below), but I also read A Hot Glue Gun Mess by Mr. Kate, which is not only a DIY book, but is full of stories, so that was literally read through. You can see an update of my Good Reads Challenge here. I didn't watch many movies either, and only saw Pitch Perfect 2 at the cinema.

Here a couple of the popular post this month. Just click on through if you missed them!

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Books Read | 3 
Good Reads Challenge Total so far | 26 
Salt and Stone, by Victoria Scott - review coming soon!
A Hot Glue Gun Mess, by Mr. Kate 
Crown of Midnight, by Sarah J. Mass - review coming soon!

Movies Watched | 2
Pitch Perfect 2 
The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

TV Shows I'm Watching 
This month has been a big catch up month. I finished season 7 of Parks and Recreation, and also discovered and binge watched a show called Breaking In. I'll write a post about that soon, so look out for that, but there are only 2 seasons of 20 min episodes, but it was brilliant and I'm gutted they cancelled it. I've also been trying to catch up on One Tree Hill, and I'm about half way through season 8 at the moment. I watched the rest of Season 2 Gilmore Girls, and binge watched season 3. I had a lot of projects to do this month, so I put it on at the beginning of the day and just let it play. It.Was.Brilliant. I have yet to start season 4 yet, but I am also catching up on Once Upon a Time season 3, which I'm nearly 2 seasons behind on. And I think that's it! I do enjoy this time between the big show seasons. When September/October comes around, all the shows come back.

And that's June! How was your June? Read any good books? See any good movies? I would say 'suggest a TV show to me!' But maybe don't. I don't have enough time.


Winter :: #BlogGreatness :: #NZBloggers

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Oh, winter. How I love you. Not as much as autumn, but more than summer. Winter here in New Zealand, however, is a lot different to winter in England, especially in the North Island. Here in Auckland, it's even less like winter. Really it's like a Northern Hemisphere autumn/fall...it tries to get really cold, but it just doesn't. Sure I'll add more blankets to my feather duvet, and I'll pop a scarf on, and a jacket, but I won't wear gloves and ear muffs and think about the possible snow that might show up later in the day. In 2011, snow flakes were reported falling in Auckland which was the first in 72 years. But it wasn't actually snow snow. It didn't settle, apparently, just fell in light sprinkles, so it barely counts at all. At the moment in the South Island, there is snow everywhere, but here in the North? Not so much.

Even though this is only my second winter since being back in New Zealand, I do miss the English winters. While you there in the UK might hate winter and the snow and the cold, you're used to it. Coming from the North Island in NZ, it was quite novel to be walking to work in the snow, and to be snuggled in a blanket in the afternoon on Christmas day. To precariously walk over the icy cobblestones to work through the Cathedral grounds as soft snow flakes fell around. To hear how Heathrow had shut yet again because of the 1cm snow fall overnight, motorways were closed, and schools were out for the day...all while Northern America simply got out their snow ploughs and went on with life. It was crazy, and yet it was wonderful.

I'm sitting here now in my pyjamas - long PJ bottoms, and a tshirt - with no socks on, marvelling the fact that I'm in a ground floor bedroom (a lot colder than upstairs), the window slightly ajar, in the middle of winter and I'm not even shivering. It's so amazing how hemispheres and seasons work, don't you think? While I don't miss the chapped lips, frozen fingers, or the need for at least 3 pairs of socks over your woollen tights like I would wear in England, I do miss the need for blankets on sofas, hot chocolates in hand and generally feeling cozy, knowing that you're inside your home, warm and safe, while outside the season does what it does best: be winter.

Winter: love it or hate it? 

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Book Spine Poetry :: A Round Up

Book Spine Poetry | Book Series Blog | From L&P to English Tea
And so we've come to the end of the Book Spine Poetry series here on the blog, and I hope you guys have enjoyed it. I know it was a little bit random, but it was a lot of fun putting these books together to create some crazy sentence/poem. Today I don't have another one, but I do have a list of all the poems that have been shared here, so you can click back on through to any that you missed or that sound interesting. Enjoy!

Leaving Time
One Day
Banished Mercy
Unbreakable Pandemonium 
Steadfast Exile
The Whispers

And that's a book wrap! Head on back next Monday for yet another book haul post!

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