Paper Towns, by John Green...

Back at the start of the year, I bought a bunch of sale books, including 2 John Green novels. Those were An Abundance of Katherines, and Paper Towns. If you cast your mind back a little while, you may recall my post about books that I need to read before I see the movie. One of those books was Eleanor and Park, which I reviewed a week or so ago, and another was Paper Towns. When I finished Eleanor and Park, Paper Towns was next on my list. I read it in 2 days and I loved it. Here's the description from GOod Reads:

"Quentin Jacobsen - Q to his friends - is eighteen and has always loved the beautiful and edgy Margo Roth Spiegelman. Nine years ago they discovered a dead body together but now, at their Central Florida high school, Q's a nerd while Margo is uber-cool. 
One night, before graduating, Q is basking in the predictable boringness of his life when Margo persuades him to join her in some midnight mayhem and vengeance...and then vanishes. while her family shrugs off this latest disappearance, Q follows Margo's string of elaborate clues - including an unnerving poem about death. 
Q's friends Radar, Ben and Lacey help with the search, and a post for a website turns up: Margo will be a certain location for the next 24 hours only. They drive through the night, racing the clock. Is Q ready for what he might find?"

Ah, dead bodies, crazy neighbours, elaborate schemes and a giant person-finding treasure hunt?! Yes please! Basically, it was brilliant.

The story is broken up into 3 parts. Part one introduces us to all the characters, and lets us in on how Q and Margo are neighbours and Q has loved Margo since forever ago. Q's best friends Ben and Radar (nicknamed after Radar in M.A.S.H, although puberty caught up with him and he now longer looks like Rader...but the name, as it does, stuck) are crazy, and love playing video games at Q's house. Radar has a website that is kind of like Wikipedia that is a constant reference and go-to point for them. Part one also includes Margo and Q's crazy night out, and involves fish, Veet (like for shaving your legs), Mountain Dew and Tulips (intrigued?). It's a lot of fun, that scene and you really get to know Q and what he would do for Margo.

Part 2 is when Margo goes missing, and clues are left for Q and his friends to try and find her. It's actually a very clever part of the story and I love how Green connects the dots between things. WHile the second half of part two was a little boring, I loved the beginning, when the clues are coming to light. Part 3 is basically a giant road trip, and was a laugh-out-loud section of the book. While I don't know what I think about the end of the story, even now, weeks later, I think it ended how it needed to end.

It's in third person from Quentin's perspective, and it's very well written, like all John Green novels, and besides that slightly dragging bit at the end of part 2, I read and read and read and couldn't put it down. As well as the whole clues-to-find-Margo thing going on, Paper Towns is also about teenage drama, about Prom and Graduation, about finding out who you are, and who your friends are, about how far people go for others, about high school, about family, and team work. Primarily, it's about, for me anyway, friendship. Not just between Q and Margo, perhaps least so about them, but about Q and his friends.

If you're a fan of John Green, YA novels, mysteries and clue-finding-missions, or you even just love a good road trip, read Paper Towns. Then let me know what you thought.

Have you read it already? What did you think? 

4 Year Blogoversary! :: A Celebratory Giveaway!

It's that time of year again! August 29th is From L&P to English Tea's blogoversary, and this year we're celebrating once again with an awesome giveaway. Last year, if you recall, there was a book giveaway, and that was really popular. It's fantastic to see my bloggy friends loving the books! But this year I thought that I'd mix it up a little bit. I do know that not every loves books as much as I do (why not, I'm not sure haha), so this year there are 4 things different things that you will receive, should you be the winner! 4! I figured last year we celebrated by giveaway away 3 books for the 3rd blogoversary, so it stands to reason 4 for 4th year. Wanna hear what the prizes are? Of course you do!

As you can see (hopefully I made that clear enough), you will win the following things:

1. Your choice of 1 of 4 books that I have really enjoyed this year. Those books are Eleanor and Park, by Rainbow Rowell; The Magicians, by Lev Grossman; Raising Unicorns, by Jessica S. Marquis; and Dorothy Must Die, by Danielle Page.

2. Your choice of 1 item from my Etsy Shop: Anjali Kay Creations

3. 1 month of ad space on my side bar.

4. The chance to guest post here on the blog.

There we have it! 4 great things that you could win! Just a few of the nitty grittty things. The giveaway is open world wide, and will run for 2 weeks. The winner will be announced on Friday the 12th of September. I will email the winner as soon as the giveaway closes, and they will have 5 days to reply to the email. If they do not respond, I will redraw and a new winner will be chosen. Tough, I know. Sorry. :)

Once the winner has responded to my email, they will need to let me know what book they would like. I will then purchase the book on Book Depository and have it sent to them. Please note the cover of the book may differ, depending on what editions/publishers Book Depo has. The other details we will discuss over email. Sound good? Good stuff!

So what are you waiting for? Let's celebrate! Enter using the Raflecopter widget below. If you're unfamiliar with Rafletcopter, you simply choose what entries you'd like to do (or do them all!), and each one is worth 'name in the hat', type of thing. For example, Liking my Facebook page will get you 1 point, so your name goes into the draw once. If you Pin the image, it's worth 4 names in the draw. Make sense? The more you do, the more chance you have of winning! :)
Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Ghost Post :: Black and White Tea Party...

As people sort of discovered that I loved taking photos, and once I had a camera that actually functioned and helped me take semi-decent photos, they ('they' being friends, family etc) often asked me to photograph events for them. In 2012, one of our friends got engaged and asked me to take some pictures of her tea party that she had for a hens do. It was the cutest thing ever, with tea cups and cupcakes and general nibble food. I took heaps of photos that day, but some of my favourite were actually simple back and white ones of the d├ęcor (they had cool wallpaper!) and the afternoon tea. I thought today I'd share a couple with you.

So cute, eh?! I can't wait for a hens do. It'll definitely be like this sort of thing, rather than a 'lets-get-drunk-and-hit-the-town'. Ew. No. Tea party at home with the girlfriends. Sounds amazing.

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