Character Fashion :: Charlotte Grayson :: Revenge...

A month or so back I posted a Character Fashion on Nolan Ross, one of the main characters from the TV show Revenge. I thought I'd another look at Revenge this month, and share some of the outfits I like that Charlotte Grayson has worn over the seasons. I don't actually like Charlotte as a character, but she's had some cute outfits and dresses, so that's something, right...? I especially like her magenta dress (row 1, picture 2), and the blue and white dress (row 2, picture 2). I also like how she can pull off so many different colours.

Character Fashion :: Charlotte Grayson :: Revenge...

A lot of these images were found on Worn On TV. It's this great site you can go to and find out where you can buy clothes that TV characters wore. Check it out! You can also find outfits just by Googling the Season and Episode, or checking out sites like Celebrity Style Guide which also has movies and TV shows listed.

What's your favourite outfit? 


Movie Review :: The Man from U.N.C.L.E (2015)

It's the 1960's, and CIA agent Napolean Solo (Henry Cavill) has to team up with KGB operative Illya Kuryakan (Armie Hammer) to stop a criminal organization launching nuclear weapons on the world, while protecting the daughter of the man being forced to create the weapons, Gaby (Alicia Vikander).

We didn't actually mean to see this movie. Eventually yes, but not on the night that we went out. We were planning on seeing Inside Out, but then discovered it was in 3D at the time we wanted, and we didn't want to have to deal with that. So we switched movies at the last minute, and I'm super glad we did. This film was great. I actually didn't know anything about it except that it was about spies in the 60's, and I hadn't even seen the trailer. It was a movie that I stepped into with absolutely no expectations.

The opening scenes are of Solo trying to get Gaby out of East Germany, across the Berlin wall, and Kuryakan trying to stop them. Eventually the Russians and the Americans put them together as partners, and it just gets better from there. Despite this being set in the 60s, and being about good looking spies, it's not that violent, nor is that bloody, nor are there sex scenes or anything too graphic. It was well scripted, and the cinematography was brilliant (you'd expect nothing less from a Guy Ritchie film), and it was funny. Really funny. It had this fantastic dry humour, the little things being hilarious, and the situations they got themselves in. It was also awesome to watch a spy movie from decades ago and the equipment they used. Too good. I don't know if they're planning one, but the end is definitely set up for a sequel, and if there were going to be one, I would certainly go and see it.

So! If you're after a funny, well written, well filmed movie, full of great lines and good looking men (here's looking at you, Henry and Armie), then you need to check this movie out. Even if you're not really one for spy movies, it's not like James Bond; you might actually enjoy it. It's based on a TV show, I believe, so perhaps you've seen that. I've seen mixed reviews of this movie online, and on IMDB it only has a 7.6...but I really enjoyed it. Let me know what you think if you see it.

Or maybe you've seen The Man from U.N.C.L.E already?


2015 New and Returning Shows

It's that time of year again, people! Most of my favourite shows have had their summer breaks, and are back at the end of September and into October for their next season. Like most years, I'm just going to share what new seasons I'm excited about, and some of the new shows that are premièring this year that I'm looking forward to checking out. There are bunch of shows that I love, but I still haven't caught up with after moving hemispheres twice in a shortish length of time. I'm going to mention those too, at the end. Let's get into it...(please note these season posters may not actually be the correct one for the upcoming season...I did my best).

Returning shows 

Haven Season 5
Eep! One of my favourite shows, and hardly anyone I mention it to has heard of it, let alone seen it. We're up to Season 6 Haven, and from what I've seen of the teaser clips, it's going to be another fantastic season! If you haven't heard or seen this show, and you enjoy fantasy/supernatural stories set in small American towns, you need to check this out...but please please please start at season 1.

The Vampire Diaries Season  Season 7
Oh Vamps. You're one of my favourites, but I'm little terrified for this season. It's going to be weird without one of the main characters (I shant tell you who in case you've managed to keep that a secret for yourself and you're a bit behind). It'll be interesting how they work it all out and what the storyline will look like without them. While I love this show a lot (and the music is fantastic!), I do think this needs to be the last season, or the second to last season. Either way, I think it needs to end soon.

The Originals Season 3 
Thankfully The Originals is only up to Season 3 - it can go on for a lot longer if it wants to, in my opinion. Much like Vamps, I love this show. I was really super excited a few years back when they announced they were doing a spin off with these characters, and it has not disappointed at all. Looking forward to seeing what happens this season!

Agents of SHIELD Season 3 
I think what I love about this show is that you can still watch Marvel characters and all their greatness even between the big Marvel movies. It’s a great way to tie you over until the next blockbuster, costume-clad superhero movie emerges.

The Flash Season 2 
Another superhero show, The Flash started last year, and I really enjoyed it. I really like the characters in it, and while it's DC and I don't tend to enjoy DC as much, I'm looking forward to this one!

Doctor Who Season 9  
Eeep! A definite highlight of every year is when Doctor Who comes back on. I’m looking forward to seeing more of Peter Capaldi’s Doctor, as we’ve only seen one season of him so far. Clara, however, I have mixed feelings about. I feel like she should have left at the end of last season. This will be her third season, and that’s the longest any of the ‘new’ companions have ever stayed. I am, however, looking forward to seeing Maisie Williams (Game of Thrones) in it for a few episodes.

Castle Season 8 
I finally finished Castle season 8 just the other day, after cramming to watch it before season 9 starts this month. I actually came to this show late. Something else was on at the same time when it began on TV in NZ, so I missed the first few seasons. My friends loved it though, so I knew it was one I had to watch. Now that I’ve finally caught up, I can actually watch this coming season on time!

The Big Bang Theory Season 9 
Ah the Big Bang. You’re so good. This and Modern Family are the shows that I don’t mind missing a week or two of. It means the following week I have two or three to watch, and because they’re only 20 minutes long, it works out fantastically. Another great show that I’m looking forward to starting again.

Modern Family Season 7
Caught up on this show just recently too. I was two seasons behind, I believe, so now I’m once again on track. It’s another one that I can miss a few weeks (while I’m watching all those other shows), and watch a few in a row.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 3 
I think you either love or you hate this show. I love it. Every episode has me laughing out loud (often by myself in my room), and the characters are hilarious. I managed to watch all of Season 1 after it had already aired, but it was a week by week for season 2. This year will be the same, although like big Bang and Modern Family, because it’s just a short episode each week, it won’t matter when I miss one or two. I kind of prefer watching at least two in a row anyway, so I might actually do that on purpose.

How to Get Away With Murder Season 2 
I wasn’t sure that I was going to enjoy this show when it came out last year with it’s première season, but after checking out the pilot, I was hooked. So intense, and so good! It was awesome seeing Alfred Enoch in something other than Harry Potter (he plays Dean Thomas in the HP series), because I hadn’t seen him in anything else. It’s definitely a show I got hooked on, so I’m excited for the next season!

Once Upon a Time Season 5 
I actually have just started Season 4 of Once Upon a Time. I was two seasons behind after moving so much, but I’m hoping that I can finish Season 4 before Season 5 airs at the end of this month. While I’m still engrossed in Season 4’s story line and Frozen being introduced, I’m already excited for what characters will be introduced to Season 5.

iZombie Season 2 
I found this show completely by accident one day, and I was hesitant to check it out, because I’m not really into zombie stories (whether they be movies, books or TV shows), but I loved the pilot and what followed.  I also love how the main actor  (Rose McIver) is a New Zealander. Woop! *fist pump* I’ve been trying to convince my friend to watch this, with no avail. Ah well. Bring on Season 2!

Supernatural Season 11 
So I’m actually a season behind on Supernatural. Because I’m currently binge watching Once Upon a Time so I’m up to date, I don’t have time to watch Supernatural too. But I find with this show, I’d rather wait until it was all out and I can watch it all at once than have to wait a whole week to watch the next episode. It’s a bit stressful having to wait a week, especially when more often than not characters die and you don’t know if they’re going to make it back to the land of the living again. I’d rather wait a while and have a decent chunk of the season to watch.


New Shows

And now the new shows! I saw the list of release dates, and I found all these shows whose trailers look great. I will watch the pilot of all these new shows, and if they don’t grab me then I’ll evict them from the list. Let’s face it – there are only so many shows you can watch at any one time, right? Right (mostly).

Hmm..I'm a little meh about this, but I will definitely watch the pilot. It's based on the 2011 movie by the same name, and yes, as far as I can make out, Bradley Cooper will be making an appearance in this. I liked the movie okay, but it wasn't a favourite and I probably wouldn't watch it again. So, like I said, I'll watch the pilot for this and see how we go.

Heroes Reborn 
Oh.My.Goodness. Okay, so when Heroes was showing on TV here in NZ, I didn’t actually see all of it. I think I saw an odd episode here and there, but something else was on that I wanted to watch so I didn’t get to see it. Then when I moved in with my friend, she had all of the seasons on DVD and we binge watched the entire show on summer. It.Was.Brilliant. When we heard they were making Heroes: Reborn, needless to say we lost it a little. The time has finally come when we can actually count down the days until this re-emerges in our lives. *squeels*

I hadn't heard of this show until I saw it on the 'new shows this year' list. It looks really good! I will be checking out the pilot and seeing what it's like.

The Grinder 
I have two words: Rob.Lowe. And that's about it. No, but really, this show looks like it's going to be hilarious, if the trailer is anything to go by. Super excited to see this! IMDB says "Television lawyer Dean Sanderson moves back to his small home town after a stint in Hollywood thinking his time on TV qualifies him to run his family's law firm." Ah, brilliant!

Another superhero TV show, guys! Although Supergirl isn’t Marvel (hello DC!), I’m really looking forward to the pilot of this show, especially because Melissa Benoist, who I only know from Glee, is playing Supergirl. I hope it’s good, but if I don’t really get into it, then I’m happy to let it go. This one doesn’t come out until October, so I’ve got a little while.

Angel from Hell 
Jane Lynch and Maggie Lawson? Hello! This looks hilarious. Really looking forward to this one! It doesn't come out until early November though, so we'll be waiting a while for this one too.


Some shows that I want to watch the pilot of haven't had release dates yet, including Crowded, Superstore, Wicked City, and a few that are coming out next year: Legends of Tomorrow, Emerald City and plenty more I'm sure.

There are bunch of shows that I am actually watching too, but that I won’t be able to catch up on before their next season begins this year. Grey’s Anatomy, I’m mainly looking at you. Also Pretty Little Liars (I'm only part way through season 1...sigh), and I’m unsure when Downton Abbey is returning for its sixth and final season, but I’m definitely looking forward to that also.

What shows are you looking forward to?   

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