Halloween :: House Decorations...

Some people go hard out with their decorations at Halloween time. Which is great! Good for them. I don't think I could ever do my whole house all creepy-like, but I could definitely do little bits here and there. After scrolling through Pinterest this past week, I've seen some really neat ideas. Today I thought I'd share some of my favourites with you. Links to the websites I traced them to are below.

Trick or Treat Tins, by Jolly Moon

Trash Bag Spider Webs, on HGTV

Halloween Decor, on Trend Hunter

Monster doors, on Good to Know Family

Glow in the dark footprints, on HubPages: Top 10 Homemade Halloween Decorations


Halloween :: DIY Felt Fridge Magnets...

How much fun are fridge magnets!? So much fun. In England our fridge wasn't magnetic. It sort of had a cupboard-like door on it, which meant we couldn't actually put magnets on it. But here in NZ I made sure we had a magnet-savvy fridge. Continuing with the Halloween craft posts of this week, today I thought I'd show you how to make some Halloween-inspired fridge magnets! That way, if you're not one to decorate your house, you can still have a bit of Halloween, without over doing it. They are super easy, just a little fiddly at times.

What you'll need:
Felt in Halloween colours (I found this was a good project to use up some felt scraps I had)
Glue (PVA or Mod Podge, or something similar that dries clear)
Small paintbrush (for gluing)
Card/paper (optional)
Magnets (either individual ones or in a sheet that you can cut)

Okay! So if you're like me and you aren't very good at cutting felt into shapes, create some templates with card or paper in the shapes you'd like to make. I did a pumpkin, a rounded rectangle for a Frankenstein head, a witch's hat and a ghost shape. If you rock at cutting without a template, by all means skip this step.

Next, using your templates, cut out your felt shapes. Now you need to decide what kind of faces/looks your Halloween magnets are going to have. This is where small, sharp scissors come in handy, so you can cut out the details. Then grab your glue and carefully stick the faces/details onto the base shapes you cut out previously.

When they're done, stick your magnets on the back. I had magnet sheets, and one side was sticky, so I simply cut out some square/rectangular shapes and placed them on the back.

And you're done! Stick them on the fridge!

Let me know if you make some of these guys! I'd love to see them! 


Halloween :: Food Ideas...

We all love food, right? Right. And what makes food even better?  Themed food. Heck.yes! There are some amazing food ideas for Halloween snacks and meals around the internet, but today I'd just thought I'd share a few of my favourites. I really want to try these out! All the details for the snacks are down below. Enjoy!

Graveyard pudding cakes  by Party Pinching

Chocolate Peanut Butter Spiders by A Spicy Perspective

Reese’s Frankenstein Cupcakes by Your Cup of Cake

Gooey Monster Cookies by Lil’ Luna

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