Sunday Song...

Last week Anthem Lights' new album, Escape, came out. And as soon as it did, I bought it and haven't stopped listening to it. A few weeks ago I shared one of the songs on this album, Be With You,  and the week before that, Run Away. Both are brilliant, catchy songs and are on the album. But there's another song on the album that I have listened to on repeat quite a bit this week, and it's this song that I'm sharing with you today. It's so super cute!

Love You Like the Movies, by Anthem Lights

So so so cute! Love it! Here are the bridge lyrics. Recognise all the movies?

"Like Noah loved Allie
Like Harry loved Sally
Like Richard loved Julia ["Twice!"]
Like Tom loved Meg
And the way he loved that volleyball ["WILSON!"]
The way Demi Moore loved that ghost. ["Weird."]
The way Jack loved Rose ["What?"]"


Halloween Round Up!

Today I thought I'd just do a bit of a round up of the week, in case you missed a Halloween post along the way. Seeing as Halloween is the same every year, I thought I'd link up last year's posts too, in case you need even more Halloween-related things to look at. In case your Pinterest feed isn't full of pumpkins, monsters, and spiders already. Just click on the image to go check out the post! Enjoy!

And here are last year's posts:

While you're reading this, I'm actually away on a mini holiday at the beach, because it's a long weekend here in NZ! Don't worry, I'll tell you all about it when I get back next week. In the mean time, you can follow what I'm getting up on to Instagram or Twitter!


Halloween :: DIY Poison Bottle...

I mentioned the other day in the Jar Monsters post that I had another jar-related DIY to share with you, and this is it! I know that it says 'bottle' in the title, but really it's a jar. If you have a bottle, this would look even better! I loved doing this DIY. It was so much fun and I'm really happy with how it turned out. It's super duper easy and you don't need anything special. Here's how you make it:

What you need:
A jar/bottle
Hot Glue Gun (if you don't have one, a thick glue with a thin nozzle should work fine)
Black paint
White, yellow, red paint (or colours of your choice)
A paintbrush for painting the entire jar/bottle
A coarse paintbrush for the dry brushing

Begin with your jar/bottle. Make sure it's clean. If it's got a label on it, you can either take it off, or leave it on. Or you could rip the edges. This will giev it a more rustic, creepy look at the end. Grab your hot glue gun and carefully write 'poison' (or whatever word you want) straight onto the bottle. If you can't spell, like me, double check that before you write. :)

After it's dry, paint the entire jar black. If your jar doesn't have a black lid like mine did, you can either glue black paper or felt or crepe paper over it. You can do this while waiting for the paint to dry.

Once it's fully dry, grab your coarse paintbrush. I suggest using an old paintbrush that has really hard bristles. You're going to be dry brushing the paint on, which means you're not going to use any water. If you haven't done this before, it's really simple. With only the smallest amount of paint on your dry paintbrush, your basically going to be rubbing the paint onto the bottle. It's not really painting, as it's not smooth and your not using strokes. Imagine if you had an itch. The movement you make to scratch it? That's what you're going for here. I hope that makes sense.

Because there's so little paint on your brush, you're going to need to put more paint on it regularly. But only a little! Rub/scratch the paint into the cracks in the words, and around the jar. Keep using this technique, layering up your colours. I used white, yellow and red, and then at the end went back in with a little black. Be careful if you do red paint, because it will have the tendency to turn pick on with the white if you have it on too thickly.

Once you have it looking like how you want it, you're done! One poison bottle for Halloween!

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