New Look Skater Dresses :: 1 dress, 8 prints...

I love the UK store New Look. Like, a lot. I often found it hard to find clothes that I liked in England, and that actually fit me. Being of slightly larger size than the average person (sigh. Ah well. I am who I am, right?), often the store only went up to a UK 14 or UK 16. Now, it depends entirely what brand, what style, and what sort of clothing piece it actually is as to what size works best for me. Sometimes I would have get a larger size, sometimes I could rock a 14. Very varied. However! I discovered a dress style (most of the time they are called Skater Dresses but occasionally 'skater' isn't in the title...so that's weird coz they're the same dress...anyway) at New Look which I absolutely loved, that looked good on and was always in a variety of amazing prints and colours.

When I was over in England I ended up with 3 of these dresses, all in different colours and prints. All the same exact style...just different in the material. Since being home, I've also bought three more online, and had them delivered here. Yes, your maths is correct...I now have 6 dresses that are all the exact same design but in different colours/patterns/prints. You probably think I'm crazy as and extremely boring. And that's probably true, but when you find something that works, why give it up, right? And each time I go onto the New Look website, there's another one in a different colour/print/pattern. Which is both awesome...and not so awesome, because I will most likely want it. The shipping is a tad expensive to NZ, but if you buy more than one dress (like I did the other day...oh dear) then the shipping doesn't feel as bad...right? Anyway, today I'm taking my crazy obsession with these dresses and picking some of them that are on the website currently, or have been in the past that I really love.

Eeep! I love them! Okay, so I have numbers 3, 4, 6, and 8...and the other two I have I couldn't find online anywhere any more. One is just plain purple, and the other is sort of brown, gold and royal blue large zigzags. I really love the teal hummingbird one, but when I wanted to buy it, my card wasn't working, and then when I finally fixed my card (that was a drama!), my size had sold out and then I don't think they are getting them back in. *sad face*

What I love about this dress/ess is that I know that they work well for me, and I can buy them from the other side of the world and know that it'll fit perfectly when it gets here. They are also super comfy and just the right length. You can wear them in summer as they are, or pop on a cardigan in autumn/spring, and a jacket and long leggings in the winter. Perfect for all year round. Brilliant! Love love love!

Ever bought this dress at New Look? 

New Look didn't ask me to write this...I just really love this dress! :) 


The Month of July 2014...

I won't say it...I won't say it...I won't - oh why not...This month went by so fast! I know I know...every month this happens. Crazy crazy crazy. This month has been busy on the blog. I don't think there was a single that I didn't post something. What even?! Turns out I've had a flurry of organisation in my life, and I even have posts ready for next month and even a few in September! I don't know what's happening! I'm sure this idea-bursting phase will fade away and I'll have a blank spot of maybe one post a week. I'm sure it's coming...you've been warned.

In the meantime! Here's a round up of what happened on the blog this month. Just click the post picture if you want to go back and check them out:


As well as all these things...these bits and pieces happened; I also posted about J.K.Rowling's latest Harry Potter short story.

Ghost Post: 
Stuck in an Elevator
Winter Creek Swimming
Tooth Fairy Discovery
High School Lunch

What I've Read:
Glitch, by Brenda Pandos
The Perks of Being a Wallflower, by Stephen Chboksy
Perfected, by Kate Jarvik Birch
Paradigm, by Ceri A. Lowe

What I've watched:
How to Dragon your Dragon 2
The Perks of Being a Wallflower (review coming up soon!)
I also finally finished season 5 of Castle, and have been watching Hart of Dixie on Tv. Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D also finished recently here too (Nz is behind...it's ridiculous).

So that's July! I'm actually heading down to my home town for this weekend, as it's my best friend's birthday. It's an Alice in Wonderland themed dress up party (we love dressing up to a theme!), and I'm going as the March Hare! It's going to be awesome and I can't wait. Don't worry, pictures will be taken, and times will be shared! Make sure you're following me on Instagram or Twitter to keep up to date with that!

I hope everyone has had a great July...bring on August!


Ghost Post :: High School Lunches...

High school. Some of us hated it, some of us loved it. And some still are still in it, or haven't even got there yet. I was one of those few who loved high school. It wasn’t because I was popular (I was’t), or because I was super good at classes (I wasn't), or even because I had incredible teachers (I didn't…there were a few good ones, a few meh ones…). I loved high school because of the three subjects that I loved (Classics, Art and Bible – I went to a Christian school), and also my friends.

I loved seeing my friends every day of the week and hanging out with them. I had the same group of friends all through high school, and there were 5 of us, with a few randoms who joined every now and then over the years, so if there was one person away or even two, then it wasn’t a big deal, because we were never going to be alone. We were pros at picking the best spots for lunch. In New Zealand we don’t really do school lunches or even cafeterias very well. Instead, we bring out lunch from home, sit outside somewhere, or somewhere sheltered.

Over the 5 years of high school, my friends and I had five different spots where we sat for lunch and morning tea each day. Five years, five spots.

Year 9: Outside the fabrics room
We called this place the Box, because it was literally a glass box, with a wall missing (the entrance/doorway into the classroom. It was over on the side of the school, near the tennis courts, and it was sheltered from the wind, the rain and the people. Also, Mrs. Hignett the fabrics teacher, was one of our favourites and she liked us.

Year 10: The Pozzy (spelling?)
This was near the fabrics class room but around the corner, and it was sort of like the tradesmen entrance for the woodwork classroom. It was a covered over concrete…thing. I don’t really know how to explain it, but it had steps going up to like a landing, which lead to the door of the woodwork room. We used to sit with our legs dangling over the edge, and watch whoever was playing on the basketball courts.

Year 11: The Gym
Yup. We sat in the gym. Okay, not really, but in the foyer of the gym there was a sort of alcove that was slightly hidden from view, and we sat next to a door that wasn’t ever allowed to be open, except in the case of an emergency. The gym teach used to be in and out of his office a lot, which was right there, but I don’t remember being kicked out too many times.

Year 12: Outside Mr G’s office.
Mr. G was a new teacher that year, or the year before, I can’t remember, and he was an intermediate teacher, so we didn't actually have him for classes. His room was down a short corridor, and we also had our lockers down there. Opposite his office was our Biology teacher. We used to sit between their doors, but they very rarely complained that we were in the way. We got away with this one, but I don’t know how. You weren’t actually allowed inside the main  school building at lunch time, but I think they liked us, so it was fine.

Year 13: the Common Room
In out last year of school we created a common room. Our school was not really very big (only 50 of us in my year 13 year, 300 in the whole school), so they never really had a common room. But my friends and I decided that we should make one, so we changed one of the small science rooms into a common room (with permission don’t worry) and put in a kettle, mugs, toaster, and toastie maker in there for us to use. It was fantastic. In our free periods/class times at school we would just go to the common room, and in winter we used to gather round the heater. In the summer we'd spread out outside the building on the front lawn of the school.

Ah, good times. Each year we had fantastic spots, and everyone knew that we sat there too. It wasn't like people weren't allowed there or anything (I'm not talking Mean Girls here), but they knew where to find us each year. Easy. And that's why I loved school.

What about you? Did you love school? Have a lunch spot? 

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