National Geographic Maps and Charts...

The title of this post sounds boring, right? Right. But it's not! It's super cool and I'm excited about it. Back in 2010, my Grandma passed away, and some of her things were distributed among the family to sort etc etc (my Grandfather's not so great at sorting and organising), and since we were heading to England at the end of that year, we didn't get a pile to go through. Remember that trip down south I took earlier in the year? One of the main reasons for going down was to pick up a whole lot things that belonged to my grandma, from my aunt. In amongst the things that we discovered was this great bunch of National Geographic maps and charts. Woo! Apparently Grandma used to save them (I remember their house always having hundreds of National Geographic magazines), and they were all in nice sections in a tomato chutney sauce box, labelled 'MAPS'.

There are some super neat maps, charts and information-filled poster-like things in there, so I thought I'd just show you some of the things that I've found in there.

One day, when I have my own house, I'm totally hanging some of these up! They're so neat, especially the large world and country maps.

This is only a small selection, to show you what kinds of things were in there. There about 6 times this amount!


Movie Review :: Mockingjay Part 1...

Guys...I saw it. The long awaited part one of Mockingjay. I went to see it with my friend on Sunday, and I really did enjoy it. I have to admit, I had to do a quick summary search of the book to remind myself of the events, but as soon as I did that it was like the whole book came flooding back to me. It's been over a year now since I read them, and I seriously need to read them again.

Throughout the movie I was thinking several things. I figured they would break the movie in two when Peeta, Joanna and Annie are SPOILER rescued, and they did, which was fine and dandy. I couldn't quite remember when SPOILER DON'T READ AHEAD IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN/READ MOCKINGJAY Prim dies, but I thought it was at the end sometime, so there was a moment during Part 1 where I had a panic of 'you can't kill her off now!'. But it passed, and all was well. Phew!

There were a few differences in the movie that I could spot while watching it. One was that the last scene in the actual Part 1 of the book is when Peeta warns them over video stream that the Capitol is coming. In the movie, if you've seen it, they continue and the assault on District 13 is made. I  guess they wanted to split the book and story line more evenly and in a movie sort of way. The second part of the book is quite a bit bigger, so it totally made sense to do it that way. Also, in the book when Katniss sings the Hanging Tree song, the mockingjays stop singing; they don't join in with her. However, I really liked that scene in the movie. I really liked how they kept some of the dialogue the same as the book too, especially Katniss' speech about burning. "Fire is catching! And if we burn, you burn with us!"
So good.

In regards to acting, J-Law totally rocked it, as per usual. Flip, can we just stop and appreciate for a moment how awesome she is. The.Coolest. Despite Peeta only appearing on screen in the movie, and not interacting with many characters at all, I think Josh Hutcherson did a great 'I'm slowly dying and possibly going insane'. Elizabeth Banks' Effie was brilliant, even with out all her make-up. She's definitely one of my favourite characters, along with Finnick, played by Sam Clafin. I really liked Natalie Dormer as Cressida, too. One thing I do love about these movies is how well they've cast people. Thumbs up, team. Thumbs up.

So if you're a fan of the Hunger Games, I assume you'll be checking Mockingjay Part 1 out sometime. I have heard bad reviews for it, and someone said the other day that it was only given a 3 star. But I really enjoyed it. You'll notice I haven't put a star rating on my picture there. I need to see it again to decide. I thought they did it really well though, and I'm looking forward to the next one.

Have you seen it yet? What did you think? 


10 Christmas DIYs...

Today is November 25th. You know what that means? Of course you do. If you're like me, then you've probably been counting down from at least the middle of the year. But it's only a month to go, friends! Only one exact month until Christmas! Woop woop! I love Christmas so much! It's definitely my favourite time of year. This year is going to be a lot different from the last two. Christmas in the Northern Hemisphere is hands down better. It's cold, and cozy, it's snowy and dark, and everything Christmas feels like it needs to be. Of course, I only realised this in the past few years, having only had a few Winter Christmases before. Here in little ol' New Zealand, it's obviously summer, and Christmas is a lot different. But it's still awesome.

Our decorations are different, the weather is hot, the sun is out. Instead of Christmas sweaters, it's Christmas t-shirts; instead of hot chocolate, it's L&P; instead of sitting around the Christmas tree surrounded by twinkling lights into the evening, it's staying outside, drinks in hand, sun burnt shoulders stinging, until late into the night because it's still light. It's very different, but by golly (getting my Christmas lingo on already, see?) it's still Christmas.

Because it's a month until this exciting day, I thought I'd share some great DIY ideas (and some gift ideas!) for the season. You've still got a month to get your craft on, so what are you waiting for!? Links below.

Snow globe trees - Whisper Berry
Jingle Frame - Kerri Bradford Studio
Snowman Jar - Kristi Murphy
DIY Fire Place - found on : Your Modern Family
Joy Wine Bottles - Born in '82
Lighted Burlap Garland - Create. Craft. Love
Christmas Decorations Wreath - found on Barbie Beiber and Beyond
Hot Chocolate Gift Idea - Tatertots and Jello
Icicle Ornaments from Plastic Bottles - Cut Out and Keep
Candy Cane Hearts - Pleasant Home (use green and red candy canes for a more Christmassey feel)

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