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Today's Ghost Post is a little bit random, and a little bit recent (2012). It's also a lie. You'll find out in a minute why it's a lie.  Ghost Posts, if you aren't familiar with this weekly carry-on here on the blog, are posts that I share about some event or incident or story or time in the past before I had a blog to share everything on. I'm not very good at sharing day-to-day life with you guys...to be honest, it's not that interesting, but one of things you guys asked for in a recent survey was more stories of my life...and I hope - I like to think - that these Ghost Posts are a way of doing just that. Anyway, back to it.

January 2012 was the last full month before I headed to England in the early days of February. During that month I had great time. We had a New Years party, my birthday, my birthday party, which was combined with my goodbye party, and I attended New Wine, like I do every year. New Wine is a Christian conference that started in UK but that happens every year here in New Zealand too. New Wine happened in a great camp-site in a little town near the beach. It's sort of mandatory that you walk to the beach at least once during the conference, so when my friend and I went, of course I took my camera.

My lovely friend, drawing in the sand. 
Knowing that this was my last month in New Zealand, and I didn't have any other plans to head to the beach, I knew that that was going to be my last time on a New Zealand beach for a while. When you grow up on a small  island, you're never far from the beach, so this was kinda a big deal. It turned out, however, that only 2 days before I left for England, I headed to the beach with my friends for a spontaneous trip to the Bach. Ghost Post about that next week! But I really did think that this trip at New Wine was the last beach trip. And it was rather sad. New Zealand beaches are beautiful, and while I don't love the sand or the salt, I was going to miss it.

Next week I'll tell you all about a few weeks later when we headed to a different beach, up the coast, and found awesome colourful houses!


Instagram Mini Albums...

I was Harvey Norman a few weeks ago (it's like...um...I can't think of a UK or USA equivalent...it sells everything from furniture to TVs and electronics to appliances to hair dryers to photos), and I saw these cute little square albums for only $2 each! I bought 6. Then I realised I had to also print some photos. But with Instagram being what it is, Harvey Norman, along with normal prints and enlargements, actually prints square pictures now! So I went in again and printed out a whole bunch of Instagram photos from different travels when I was back in the UK. I thought I'd just share them with you because I love them!

Super cute, right!? So I did my Instagram photos from Greece, Paris, Hong Kong, London, Scotland, and times at work in the UK. I like doing things with the photos I take, so this was a great way to get some printed. I really want to make an Instagram photo wall one day, but I think I need my own house with more walls. I have them currently on my book shelf, propping up some books, so it's perfect really.

Anyway, what do you think? Fun, right? And those patterns! So cute!


The Month of September :: 2014...

Another month has come and gone. And every month I say it, but seriously...it's October tomorrow!? No way! This month has been a bit of strange one. Many books were read, many movies watched, and I even took a trip on the plane down to my home town because my best friend has just got a job in Auckland, so we road tripped back up the country. So much fun! This month I also bought a lot of books, and I shared a couple of DIY and craft posts! You can click through the pictures here if you've mossed any posts.

Image Map

Ghost Posts:
As well as all these posts, there were several Ghost Posts. I wrote about the cupcakes we made for the Rugby World Cup, shared about that time I watched 4 seasons of BSG in a week, and that camp when we woke up to hundreds of balloons. 

I've finally almost caught up with the Mentalist, with only the 6th season to see (about 6 or 7 episode then I'll be on track with NZ). I've also been super excited that Haven started again, and that Marvel: Agents of SHIELD began. Vampire Diaries and The Originals begin this week too, and of course, we're up to episode 2 of Downton Abbey. Looking forward to seeing the pilot episodes for Gotham and also the Flash show, both of which have just started in NZ. Doctor Who is still awesome, and while I have other shows I have to catch up on, I'm glad it's October again and the new seasons are out.

Good Reads challenge update: 
I've read 37 books out of the 45 I challenged myself to read this year, so hopefully that will be completed soon!

Favourite books this month: 
The Scorch Trials, by James Dashner
Attachments, by Rainbow Rowell

So that was September! My best friend is living with me at the moment, so that's a lot of fun. She'll be moving into flat as soon as she finds one, but it's great having her in the same city again.

October looks pretty non-eventful, though I have been asked to photograph a fashion show next Monday (how the heck did that happen?! Haha). Like any month, movies and shows will be watched, books will be read, crafting will be done and life will be lived.

How was your September? Did you have a good one? What is waiting for you in October? 

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