The Doctor Who Review | Season 9 Episode 11


Welcome back to the eleventh Doctor Who Review, where I recap the week's episode and give some thoughts and opinions on it. Please do not read if you have not seen this week's episode. There are major spoilers ahead. You have been warned. 

Title: Heaven Sent
Written by: Stephen Moffat

We ended last week's episode, Face the Raven, with Clara dying and the Doctor being transported up and away to some unknown location. This week's episode, Heaven Sent, picks up where that one left off, and we see the Doctor stepping out of the teleporter and into the halls of a castle.

After a quick look around, the Doctor stumbles across a shovel leaning against the wall, to which he says something about hating gardening, and tries to figure out just where he is. It's a castle, yes, but it could be a maze, or a puzzle, or anything. Are there other people too? No, but yes. The Veil, a new monster, is the thing nightmares are made of. Think The Lord of the Rings' Black Riders...only with flies. The Doctor recalls a woman he saw when he was a child, who had a veil and was covered in flies. It turns out that that image has taken form, and the Doctor is chased (albeit, slowly) around the castle.

At one point he manages to freeze the Veil as it's hands are outstretched before him, and says something to make it back off. But it eventually finds him in a room with a portrait of Clara, and instead of sticking around to be killed, he jumps out a window. He's falling falling falling, and suddenly he's in the TARDIS having a conversation with Clara, and we find out that that's his thought process as he falls. After a few more of these chats, the Doctor figures out that the Veil wants not just the truth, but confessions.

In this episode, due to the confessions the Doctor must tell in order not to die, we learn that the Doctor didn't leave Gallifrey out of boredom, but fear. Another thing we learn is that he knows what and where the Hybrid (which has been mentioned at all season, the prophecy taking place at the beginning) is. He eventually finds a 20foot thick wall of stone harder than diamond, and sees 'Home' on the other side. With the Veil closing in, and a moral support conversation with Clara in his head, he throws a punch at the wall, and the Veil gets him. Time Lords die more slowly than us mere Muggles, so as he dies, he crawls back up to the teleport to get it working again ... and it resets itself, like the rest of the rooms in the castle, and the Doctor goes back to the way he was when he first arrived.

It turns out that the cycle we have seen, 7,000 years in the future, is one of millions. Each time the Doctor gets to the stone wall, he punches it, and each time everything resets, and he does it again. After millions and millions of years doing this, he finally punches through and reveals ... Gallifrey! It falls no more! Well, it might, because that Hybrid that has been mentioned all season, that one that was prophesied as being half Dalek, half Time Lord...? Turns out it isn't, and the Doctor knows that. His last words are: "The hybrid destined to conquer Gallifrey and stand in its ruins … is  me."

Crazy times! I really liked this episode. I thought it was very clever, and very well written. I loved the fact that it was essentially a one-man episode. I feel like the Veil doesn't really count, neither does Clara because she's just in the Doctor's mind. Peter Capaldi excelled once more, and I find him best in monologues and big giant speeches, of which the whole episode basically was. The montage of repeated sequence shots was so intense, and while it felt like it went on for a bit, it was so good, and a really fantastic build up to the grand scene of Gallifrey at the end.

A couple of things to think about: Is the Doctor really the hybrid? If so, what's the other half? There's a part where the Doctor finds a full set of clothes lying out for him to change from his wet ones. We then find, when we realise that it's a loop, that it's actually his clothes there, from the past death. But my question is ... where did the first extra set of clothes come from? The first time he died/reset, there wouldn't have been clothes there, unless they were they put there by the person who sent him there? And then the room resets with the clothes already inside it? His exact clothes? Also ... where does the food come from? I don't know. Ah well.

Favourite lines: 
"Are you gardeners? I hate gardening! What sort of person has a power complex about flowers? It’s dictatorship for inadequates.”

"Physics of a triangle! You lose!"

Next week's episode is the last until Christmas (I can't believe it!), and it's called Hell Bent. Really looking forward to it! I feel like this season has definitely built up in goodness. I really wasn't loving the first half of the season, but these past few episodes have been really great. How will it end, eh? And when is Missy coming back? And his sonic screwdriver?

And also ... who will the new companion be? While we're talking about it, check out these places of recommendations and articles:

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What about you? See this episode? 
Love it? Hate it? 

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Book Haul #27

November not only means NaNoWriMo, mid spring/fall (depending on your hemisphere), the eleventh month of the year, a time to think about the upcoming Christmas season or the fact that I can't believe it's nearly the end of yet another year. It's also the month where the huge book sale happens at the ASB Stadium here in Auckland. last year, as you may recall, I bought about 43 book. This year? I only bought 37. But! I got a huge set of books, and each book had like 3 novels within in. So it counts for more, right?

Like last year, I'm going to be sharing with you the books I picked up. I've broken it up into several posts, because 37 is a lot of books and you don't want all of that crazy in just a single post. Savvy? Here's part 1!

Have you seen the mini series? I wrote about it last month, and I really loved it. I had seen the book around, but now I have it I'm excited to read it. I wonder how it differs from the show? 

The second book in the Inheritance Cycle series, this was the last one I needed to complete my collection. The only thing I'm slightly annoyed with now is that my first book is smaller than the last 3, and my 4th is in hard cover, and the rest are paperback. Ah well. 

I actually mostly grabbed this book because I remember when it was released. It came out just before Christmas when I was working in Waterstones in England, and I had to shelve it and re-shelve it ... a lot. But looking forward to reading it. I haven't read much of Pratchett's stories, but I'd love to get into them more. 

When I was younger, my favourite series was the Song of the Lioness, a series about a girl called Alana, and this series, Trickster, is about Alana's daughter. I don't believe I"ve read them, but I love all Pierce's other books. Awesomely enough, this book is actually the whole trilogy, so that's a bonus! 

I've seen this series around for years and years, bvut never picked it up. Then a coleague was re-reading it and telling me how much she enjoyed it. When I saw these books (actually numbers 1 & 3...sigh. Annoying) at the sale, I grabbed them up. 

The Girl who Saved the King of Sweden, by Jonas Jonasson
This is the author who wrote The 100 Year Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Ran Away...which I have not read yet but I have on my kindle and must read.

Dreams and Shadows, by C. Robert Cargill
I had never actually heard of this book, but it sounded vaguely interesting. If it's not any good, then it's only $2 wasted.

And that's it (for now). Stay tuned next Monday for part 2!


Auckland Adventures XXXIV :: Auckland Zoo

The other day (okay, so it was actually the other week now because I kept forgetting to write this up), my friend was up in Auckland for a few days, and so on one lovely Friday we headed out to Auckland Zoo. I.Love.The.Zoo. There's just something about a zoo that makes me happy, makes me excited, and makes me feel more creative. I know that that last one is a little weird, but I think I see the animals, and the patterns and colours that adorn them, and even their enclosures, and it makes me want to take photos of everything and then some. I thought today I'd just share with you some of the photos that I took. I'll try not to jump in with text too much, but there is one photo I have to explain.

These are Auckland Zoo's elephants. Well, it's their bums {insert immature giggle}. The latest addition to the elephant family is a lovely young pachyderm from Sri Lanka and her name is Anjalee. Yup! We share a name. Although hers is spelled differently, and they also saw it with a harsher 'A' than mine. Mine is pronounced UN-ja-lee, and they say her name ANNE-ja-lee. If that makes sense. I don't know if that's just how they say the name in Sri Lanka (as opposed to India, where my name is from) or whether New Zealanders are being typical New Zealanders and saying it incorrectly.

The first time we went around to their enclosure, they weren't there, so we popped back near the end of our time at the zoo, and alas, they were ... well, you can see where they were. But I had to get a photo with her, obviously If you want to read more about both Anjalee and Burma, the other elephant at Auckland Zoo, you can check out this page here. 

So that was our trip to the zoo! It's a fun zoo to wander around, and there's a lot going on, and a bunch of renovations that they're doing, and additions that will eventually show up. If you haven't been, it's a good day's outing. 

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